TECHNOGIPS Pro was established in 2006. 


The factory is located in the region of Stara Zagora, close to the Maritza Iztok 2 Thermal Power Plant (TPP). The construction of the factory started in 2007 and it came on stream in 2009. 

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The construction of the production facility started in 2007.
The factory is located in the region of Stara Zagora.


The production covers three main areas – calcination of TPP gypsum, production of gypsum boards and drywall construction compounds. The three production lines are developed by the world’s leading manufacturers in the construction sector Grenzenbach http://www.grenzebach.com/index.php/eng/content/view/full/2 and M-tec http://www.m-tec.com/en/

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Mixer for production of TECHNOGIPS brand drywall compounds

 Production of TECHNOGIPS brand gypsum boards 


As the youngest participant in a market already distributed among the largest manufacturers, TECHNOGIPS Pro has made reliability its top priority, committing itself to fair trade policy towards its partners, distributors and customers, constant product quality, and developed and certified drywall construction systems.

The constant communication between manufacturer and consumer is at the core of our commercial policy. This allows us to know the market needs and requirements, with the fast and continuous feedback from the customer to the manufacturer, the end part of the quality control system, being of particular importance to us.


Thus we aim at developing long-term partnerships as a stable basis for the factory growth. History